December 26, 2012

Life & Beyond


One day God came into my dream,
He asked me what am I doing?
I said  I am working hard
To earn money,
To spend money ,
And flaunt money.
He asked me, what is money?
I told him , “It is a piece of paper”
He laughed and exclaimed
“You must be kidding me,
I never knew you had to work hard for pieces of papers and metals”,
I said “God this piece of paper is our source of food, water and air”,
His eyes wide open
He exclaimed “ Goodness Gracious me ! And I thought I was providing all that for free”
I said “Common God !  I pay money even for stuffs that are free
Tax you see”,
Curiously He enquired “ Do you spread the message of love and humanity”
I said , “Ya I pretend to ,but not in reality”,
He asked me ”…

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