December 19, 2012

Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

A map of glitter dust,

The gem amid the rust.

The bitter and the sweet,

In dark of night do meet.

Our troubles fade away,

With the last light of day.

The stars take center stage,

Once free from daylight’s cage.

The diamonds of the sky,

Do serve to testify,

The work of Heaven’s hands,

The fruit of God’s commands.

They speak of greater plans,

That far outshine mere man’s.

They point to life beyond,

To an eternal bond,

Of Potter and of clay,

The Truth and only Way.

So open up your eyes,

And set them on night skies.

This life is so much more,

Than what we’re living for.

These mountains are so small,

Within the scope of All.

A step back from the heat,

Will free us from deceit.

There is a way to cope,

So let us not lose hope.

It’s faith that keeps us strong,

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