DOING IS BEING – Dec. 14th

December 14, 2012

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock…And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand.” Matt. 7:24,26

Bicycling (magazine)The weather has turned too cold for me to get out on my bicycle and I am too cheap to buy winter riding gear. The cold is a convenient excuse. I ride mostly for triathlon training and to stay in shape so my typical riding session involves pain of some kind. I do not really like pain.

However, guilt has motivated me to set my bike up on a trainer in my basement.  That is mostly a convenient way to store my bike. Riding a bike on a trainer is just the pain of riding outside without the scenery.  That makes it even easier to find excuse to avoid what hurts.

I am contenting myself with reading my Bicycling magazine, as if reading about cycling will keep the calluses on my butt. The sad fact is that reading about great rides up the Pacific Coast Highway does not keep me in shape. I wish it worked that way.

I cannot call myself a cyclist unless I actually cycle.

Double big gulpWhat we are is not based on what we want to be.  If that were the case then I would be a genius. The reality is that I am not a genius. What we are is based on what we do. Vegetating in front of the TV with nachos and a Big Gulp makes me a couch potato.  It does not matter what I might be reading. That seems like a pretty reasonable correlation. You cannot claim to be something that you don’t do.

Yet, there are many folks who claim to be a Christian without doing anything. They understand all the strange terminology of the Christian world. They may be able to act appropriately in certain crowds.  The problem is

that a close examination reveals that there is a lack of implementation from hearing to doing.

Christian is not a surname like Mister or Miss. Christian is a descriptor. The title, Christian, cannot be ascribed to someone who reads their Bible or listens to a sermon but does nothing with what has been communicated. That is just like a couch potato claiming to be a cyclist.

We are part of the family of God only when we hear the words of God and do them.  That is when we are standing on the rock.  You will find yourself on sinking sand if you try anything else.

PRAYER: Lord – give me ears to hear and a heart that desires to do.  Father, show me how I can take what you are communicating to me through your Word and implement it into my daily life.  Change me more and more into your image.  I cannot transform myself.  Lord, change me, don’t leave me as I am.    Amen

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