December 12, 2012

Here is a wonderful poem that really blessed me today.

Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

Another journey soon begins,

But where it ends it still depends.

The path is lined with secret sins,

Which lurk behind the twists and bends.


But now and then a glimpse is seen,

Of fruit that rises from the weeds.

It’s found through searching eyes so keen,

And captured by a heart that heeds.


In faith alone can one proceed,

Through distant valleys dank with haze.

And not a soul but Hope to lead,

The way through life’s long tangled maze.


So many others came before,

And here remain to stand in time,

As frozen stone before the door,

Indifferent to the bells that chime.


And countless lost and broken souls,

Can’t seem to make the final stand.

They try to fill the gaping hole,

With earthly things by their own hand.


They toil away both life and limb,

And yet they have nothing to show,


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