December 7, 2012

“If they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead.” Luke 16:31

I watched a documentary on Cheyenne Mountain. Cheyenne Mtn. is a military command center built inside of a granite mountain. It is home to elements of NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The facility is located a third of a mile inside of the mountain and protected by 25 ton blast doors. It is an incredibly secure facility.

However, it seems to me that even Cheyenne Mountain is not as secure as what is within some – a hardened heart. I don’t think that we really grasp the resistive strength of a hardened heart and the miracle of salvation. We often think that if we can just have the right reasoning then the barriers of a hardened heart will be overcome and this person will come to the free gift of eternal life. The rich man was told in Luke 16 that even if a dead person were to come back from the grave, people would still not be convinced. The scriptures completely contain all that is necessary for anyone to be saved.

I have wondered if there were more conversion experiences like that of Paul on the road to Damascus   many more people would be saved.  According to Luke 16, it is not true. So, why do some reject the Word of God, refusing to believe, and some accept it unto salvation?

I don’t know – it is a mystery that breaks my heart. It is a mystery of the hardened heart.Doubleblastdoors_540x359

Every person has a secure fortress deep within them that has impregnable gates. Those gates are locked from the inside. There is no reasoning, cajoling, guilting, shaming, begging, or pleading, that I can do to force those gates open. I cannot devise a method to pick those locks. I don’t even have access to them – they’re on the inside.

The gates of a hardened heart can only be opened by the rebel within, as he or she is drawn out into the light by the King of kings and Lord of lords. Why do some give up their rebellion and come out while others refuse? Why did the rich man in hell not repent and beg to be saved? Why do the demons, knowing who Jesus is, continue in their rebellion, assured of their fate?

I don’t know – it is the miracle of salvation. All I know is the scriptures tells us that God calls His elect to Himself; People will only open the gates of their inner fortress to the Shepherd that they already know (John 10:3-4).   One day we will understand it all.  I have long since stopped trying to figure out how God does things. It is beyond me. I am but a clay pot in His hands.  He is God and can do as He pleases, for His own glory.

Today, I stand in awe of the miracle of salvation; in gratitude to my Savior for calling me out from my own fortress of sin and death. That is a treasure that words fail to explain. Today, I will continue to spread the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for His glory, and let the Spirit do the work of calling His children to the glorious light of our Father.  A work that only He can do.

PRAYER: Lord, thank you for saving me, a sinner, while I was still in my sin.  Father, continue your work of calling your sheep by name and leading us all out.    Amen

Image from http://news.cnet.com/2300-13576_3-10001119-2.html


  1. So appreciate your insight here. “I am the LORD who searches the heart, who tests the inner depths to give to each person according to what he deserves, according to the fruit of his deeds.” Jer 17:10

    • Great verse Steve; thanks

  2. Amen! I think those questions plague us all… thanks for your transparency. And all glory to our God in heaven. 😀

    • Yeah – I think that we need to be more comfortable with just being in awe and letting all the glory be His.

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