September 13, 2011



“What wrong did your fathers find in Me that they went far from Me and went after worthlessness and became worthless?” Jeremiah 2:5


We are constantly making value decision; which Doritos are the best; which coffee is better; which route to work is the best.  We make so many value decisions in a day that we cease to think about them. 

The fact is that all of our decisions reveal our preferences and what we value the most.  When we choose sin, we are making a value decision.  Sin is not missing a mark.  Sin is making a preference choice.  We are declaring that this sin is more valuable to us than God is. 

Have you ever thought of your decisions as a reflection of your value of God?  When we choose sin, we are declaring that there is something wrong with God that makes Him less valuable that what we are choosing. 

How foolish is that?  We are choosing something worthless over the most worthy.  We are told that we will become what we choose.  Those who pursue the worthless will become worthless.  What we value determines our value because our value is found in only one place.

PRAYER: Lord, forgive me of my foolish choices; forgive me for losing sight of your supreme worth; forgive me for pursuing the worthless, when you have given me everything.  Lord give me eyes to see your surpassing worth.    Amen

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