August 15, 2011

BIBLE READING PLAN:    Proverbs 27-30


As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.” Proverbs 21:17

“This is the way of an adulteress:  she eats and wipes her mouth and says, “I have done no wrong.” Proverbs 30:20


  • We so often want to cast our sin into the category of a slip-up; it was just an aberration; that is not who I really am.    
  • Our actions reveal to us the fruit of our hearts; the good fruit, we are very quick to attribute to ourselves and our changed heart.  We tend to be very astute to acknowledge the gentleness, kindness, goodness that we demonstrate as evidence of who we “really” are. 
  • What about those actions of immorality, idolatry, jealously, anger, envy, divisiveness?  Those demonstrations are more quickly attributed to a bad day or a weak moment.  No one wants to acknowledge where that is coming from.  We are masters of self-delusions. 
  • Scriptures continually described Israel as an adulteress when they disobeyed God’s commandments and turned their back on God.  What does that make us when we disobeyed God’s commandments and turned our back on God; even for the moment of indiscretion or loss of self-control or let down.
  • We are even more like the adulteress when we practice her ways.  Most will never wipe their mouth and say “I have done no wrong.”  Is there really much of a difference between saying we have done nothing wrong and acting like we have done nothing wrong.  When we don’t repent of our sin and move on like we have done nothing wrong, we are in effect saying “I have done no wrong.”  That is the way of an adulteress.
  • The path of those who are followers of Christ should consist of a diligent observation of the reflections of our heart that we see in our actions.  Those reflections show us the areas that we need to allow the Spirits continuing His work of sanctification.

PRAYER:    Lord, may I consider my sin as seriously as you do; may I hate my sin as much as you do.  I don’t want to follow in the ways of adultery.  Please work in my life to develop the fruit of your Spirit so that the reflection that I see in my life, through my actions, is a reflection of you.  Amen

The above is my Bible Reading Plan.  I am providing it in hopes that it will encourage you to start one of your own. 

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