That Vile Weed

October 17, 2009

I live out in the country on nine acres in rural Idaho.  It is wonderful and quiet but did I mention 9 acres.  There is a concept called land stewardship that I am learning the hard way.  I had a lesson in land stewardship that I think I will be re-learning for many years to come. 

Have you ever heard of “puncture vine” (a.k.a. Goatheads)?  It is a nasty weed that grows these spiked horned seed bombs that come straight from  hell.  These little horned devil seeds are horrible.  They stick into everything so they get packed all over.  They pop bike tires, make a lawn a “shoe only zone”, and cause all sorts of problems for animals.  That little plant can produce from 200 to 5,000 of those spiny land mines a season and these seeds can survive for 20 years.  This is not something I have recently learned.  I have a long cultiveated hated of this weed.  Thus, my lesson in land stewardship is without exuse. 

We have a long, gravel, driveway.  This spring, as I was driving to work, I noticed a small patch of puncture vine.  I thought to myself, “I need to stop and pull that weed before it goes to seed”.  Every morning, as I stopped at the end of our driveway and I looked to the right for passing car, I would see that patch of noxious weeds growing.  I really needed to do something about that.  So, I did do something about it…in September.  I waited so long that I had a 4 foot dimeter pile, a foot thick, of the vile weed by the time I got done pulling.    Worse still were all these horned little devil seeds strewn all around. 

My spring apathy will result in future years of extra work and necessary diligene to make sure that this miserable plant doesn’t invade our place.  My poor land stewardship in this small matter will result in a lot more intense land stewardship in the future.

This got me thinking about the vile weed of sin.  Consider all of those little things in your life that you know are sin.  You think, “I need to stop doing this or that.  I need to root this activity out of my life.”  Yet, we often will not take the effort and refuse to experience the pain of denying ourselves.  So, the sin remains and grows and bears fruit (little spiked devil seeds of sin).  We are then surprise when the next season of our life comes around and we are emerse in an entire weed patch of vileness and we wonder “how did this happen”.  We need to be good stewdards of our lives in all seasons.  When we will kill sin as a sprout, it is a lot easier to pull up and we reduce the amount of life weeding we face in the years to come.

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